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Use Tenso.com and ship KICKS LAB. product around the world.

What is Tenso.com ?
Tenso.com is an forwarding service that allows you to ship overseas.

For customers overseas → We can ship overseas to you.

If you use Tenso.com, we can easily ship our products oversea to you.
Tenso.com is an international shipping service.
In order to use the Tenso.com service, you must register with Tenso.com as well as KICKS LAB.

STEP 1. Register at Tenso.com receive a Japanese address.

When you register Tenso.com, they will send you your Japanese address.
You can register at Tenso.com free of charge.

STEP 2. Purchasing your favorite items from KICKS LAB.

When purchasing your items from KICKS LAB.,use the address you received in Step 1.

STEP 3. Shipping your products overseas.

Your products will be delivered to tensos storehouse in Japan. When you pay international shipping fee.
Tenso.com will send your product overseas to you.

※Tenso.com is NOT able to accept any cash on delivery and cash on arrival orders.
※If you pre-order with Tenso.com address, KICKS LAB. would cancel your order automatically.

Usage fee 1,390JPY~ + Service fee 490JPY~ + international fee 900JPY~

The see for international shipment is only the sum of international shipping fee (EMS) and service fee.
When your product arrival payment, your able to make a payment.
After that, Tenso.com will send your package overseas to you.
※The fee world depend on the weight and destination country.

To use this service, please register at Tenso.com as well as KICKS LAB.
KICKS LAB. does not operate this overseas forwarding service Tenso.com
So, if you have any inquiry about this service, please contact with Tenso.com directly.